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  • Dives2
  • Duration1 day
  • Price$250

Padi Full Face Mask Specialty

Padi Full Face Mask Specialty 

Continuing Education

Take your diving to a whole new level with the PADI Full Face Mask Specialty course!
The course will introduce you to the amazing, new experience that is diving with a full face mask. Enjoy being able to breath with both your mouth and nose, as if you are back on the surface and learn the key skills that will allow you to dive safely and get the most out of your Full Face Mask.

What is involved in the Full Face Mask course?
When you enrol onto the Specialty, you will use our Ocean Reef Full Face Mask’s. There is a confined session and two open water dives to the specialty, allowing you ample time with our dedicated team to ensure you master the course at every level.

  • One Confined or Pool orientation dive
  • Two Open water training dives
  • Equipment Hire of our Full Face Mask’s
  • Certification Card Upon Completion
  • The Full Face Mask Course contributes to the Master Scuba Diving rating

PADI Full Face Mask Specialty 

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