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  • I would like to make a PADI OPEN WATER COURSE. How long does it take?

    Basically you have 2 options. If you prefer to learn online you can choose the PADI E-Learning system, before your travel and with this you will be able to finish with the theory part and with the exam at home, here you just need to have the dives. You can even set up the prefered language which makes learning even easier. In this way the course takes 2-3 days with the confined water and open water dives. Naturally you can also choose to start the e-learning here and finish the theory in our nice, white sandy beach. The other option is the classroom lesson, where we teach you the theory in english or dutch and after that you will continue with the confined and open water dives. We provide you all the necessary textbooks.

  • I would like to try the scuba diving. Is it possible?

    Of course and we warmly welcome in our Dive Resort to help you in your first step of diving. The program is called Discover Scuba Diving.

  • What does Discovery Scuba Diving contain? What can I expect?

    The PADI DSD program means that you will do the dive with an instructor, but at the end of the program you will not become a certified diver. The first part is a briefing, during which we tell you the basic knowledge of diving and the rules. It takes around 30 minutes. In the second part, you complete a pool / confined water dive and, with the help of your instructor, you practice the basic underwater skills such as cleaning the mask, regulator recovery, buoyancy adjustment. The last and best step is the open water section. You spend 30-40 minutes underwater, and your instructor help you discover the amazing underwater life.

  • What kind of specialty dives can I choose in the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course?

    The PADI AOWD course means that you have to make 5 specialty dives. The Deep dive and the Navigation Dive are obligatory, and you can choose 3 other type of specialty dives. - Night Dive - Full Face Mask Dive - Nitrox Dive - Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive - Project Aware Dive - Dive Against Debris Dive - Drift Dive - Delayed Surface Marker Buoy Dive - Wreck Dive - DPV (scooter) Dive.

  • I did my Open Water Diver certification with other organization, not in PADI, can I make the next step with you and in the PADI system?

    Sure, our only ask is to bring your previous certification card and logbook with you to prove that you fulfilled the course in another system. Than you can continue education with PADI and with Fundiving Curacao.

  • What are the depth limits of the different courses?

    During the Discover Scuba Diving the depth limit is 12 metres, but we never go deeper than 8 meters. With PADI Open Water Diver the depth limit is 18 metres if you are older than 12 years old. 10-12 years old diver can't go deeper than 12 metres. With PADI AOWD certification the depth limit is 30 metres, with PADI Junior AOWD certification is 21 metres. The maximum with recreational diver level is 40 metres depth (if you have Deep Diver certification or you are Deep Diver student).

  • Most of the courses takes more than 1-2 days, how does the schedule look like to me?

    That is your holiday, so it’s up to you. We can also help you to discover the natural / cultural beauties of the island next to your course. If you want to do in the shortest time it’s possible, if you have more time we can make a flexible schedule for you.


  • When do you make the dives?

    Most of the time it’s up to you - if you want to do the dive at 2 PM or later, most of the time it will be in our homereef. Our trips to other dive sites are normally start with equipment check at 10 AM in the dive center. All your dive time schedule is up to you, we are flexible. However we do not recommended to do the dive after 4:30 PM, because the visibility is less good in the late afternoon hours. Naturally the night dive is an exception, what we usually start around 7:30 PM.

  • Do you have planned dive trips ahead in a weekly basis?

    Normally we do not have fix dives in a weekly basis. Only if you would like to dive the Superior Producer shipwreck we need to check the possible days, when there are no cruise ships in the port – as the shipwreck is situated just right under these ships. Otherwise we are flexible with timing, and we try to organize every dive as it is the best to you.

  • How should I prepare for diving? What do I need to bring?

    If you come to us for an introductory dive, all you need is a swimsuit and a towel. If you are a certified diver please bring your dive card and logbook with you as well. If you have diving equipment, you can bring it, if not, it is not a problem, we will provide you with all the necessary equipment.

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