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Sea activities

What you can do if you are not diving!

Lionfish hunting & GRILL

The lionfish is an invasive species in the Caribbean. Because they don’t have any natural predators here, they have the chance to multiply quickly, overtaking and killing native species, which results in a huge danger for the local environment. To control this invasion, hunting lionfish is only allowed under strict rules.

The Lionfish Hunter Specialty consists of a knowledge development session, practice using the hunting tools and two training dives actually hunting lionfish. You will receive a PADI Lion Fish Hunter specialty card and more importantly: you will contribute to keep our reefs healthy. We teach the Lionfish Hunter Specialty in small groups of maximum 4 people, so you will get all the personal attention you need before, during and after the course. The entire course takes one full day.

In the evening after the course, we can prepare the caught lionfish as part of a grill.
Since lionfish only have poison in the spikes, you can make a delicious meal out of them after removing them.

Riding Jet-ski

We are offering all-in-one water sports services like Hydro flights (Flyboard Zapata pro series), Jet ski Rental & Tours, Towed water sports and Board Activities. 

The shop belongs to Papagayo Beach Hotel and it is located in Jan Thiel Beach, which is a fancy and vivid environment.

The team is kind, professional and helpful, they always provide the best service.

You do not need to have a license to drive the jetski.
Before the program there is always a few minutes safety training during which you get all the necessary instructions for the safe operation and the staff provide you all the essential protective equipment.


This is very relaxing and at the same time very exciting activity for those who prefer to stay on the surface of the water but want to observe underwater world with the eyes from above. Snorkeling is suitable for all ages as the waters are warm and clear making this activity really enjoyable for the entire family! The activity, doesn’t require any special training, only the ability to swim and be able to breathe through a snorkel. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment – such as wetsuit, mask and fins. Also a guide will accompany you from the beginning to the end of trip.


Would you like to learn how to be a pro flyboarder?
Here is your chance. Come and fly our Zapata pro series. You will learn in no time.

Do you already have experience with Flyboarding?
Then this is what you need. Come and fly with our Zapata pro series.

Want to have some fun in the air and on the sea?
Try our Jetski Flyboard Combo. 30 min Jetski Rental + 30 min Flyboard.(10 min instruction)

Submarine Dive to 300 meters

Explore a whole new world in a truly lifetime experience! We are the only submarine station in the wider region, conveniently located on the Sea Aquarium grounds of Bapor Kibra Curacao. We provide a technologically advanced and safe environment for deep sea research and submarine operations. Since the beginning of our operations in 2010, we have discovered over 50 new marine species. Now you can be part of this unique adventure and discover the world below.

We offer 3 different tours to discover the underwater world with depths up to 1000 feet (300 meters). Our submarine can accommodate up to 4 people plus the pilot. All tours are private except when booking for only 1 person when we reserve the right to pair you with other single explorers.

Book your sea activities with us:

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