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Natural Activities

What you can do after diving!


Christoffelpark is definitely a place for nature lovers. It is the largest national park of Curaçao. The island’s highest point (372 metres / 1239 feet) can be reached there, besides the park has a rich variety of local flora and fauna. Visitors can admire wide range of trees, plants, flowers and birds.

Take into consideration that after 10 AM Start climbing the mountain is not allowed.


Hato Cave is located on the north side of the island, near to Curacao International Airport, Hato. Hato Cave is worth to see, because it is the biggest cave on the island, and is more than 300.000 years old.

The first known inhabitants of the caves were the Arawak about 1,500 years ago. They left behind many petroglyphs (rock engravings). In the days of slavery, runaway slaves used caves as hiding places.
Nowadays the caves are popular tourist attractions,  they are totally illuminated inside, it is easy to walk there, besides handrails are installed for extra safety.
The caves have gorgeous stalactites, stalagmites, small lakes and Indian cave art.


Shete Boka National Park is situated the western side of the island. It is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. Different bays can be approached by car on a dirt road, but they are in walking distance, the car can be left at the entrance.

Huge waves crash into the coastal rocks on a long beach.
It has a wonderful view of the northern side of Curacao.


The west side of the island is known for it's nature, history and incredible beaches!  Along the way our professional guide will tell you all about our Island’s rich history.

Our first stop is Shete Boka National Park, where we spend 45 minutes, during which you can admire the sights of the national park. The huge waves crashing against the rock wall provide a special sight.
Our next stop is Playa Piskado, where you will have the opportunity to snorkel in the bay with turtles and see how local fishermen arrive with their daily catch.
We then head for Playa Forti, where the braver ones can jump off the 14-meter-high cliff.
Kenepa Beach is one of the most popular and most photographed beaches on the island. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking view or swim in the crystal clear water.
Our last stop is Playa Porto Marie, where we spend 2 hours.
The beach bar and restaurant offers visitors a wide range of delicious food and drinks.
On our way back to town, we drive by the salt lakes of St. Willibrodus to check out the flamingos.


Join in on to our ATV tours and get ready to discover the most beautiful parts of Curaçao on an ATV also known as a Quad.
These top-of-the-line ATV's are suitable for experienced as well as inexperienced drivers.
We provides an off-road adventure, in combination with spectacular views, unique sights and the opportunity to take a dip in the Caribbean sea. It is a unique tour as it quite often takes you off the beaten path with lots of opportunities to take pictures

Willemstad historical tour

Experience this great walking tour through the historical city of Willemstad. Our capital city is on the World Heritage list of Unesco.

Discover this beautiful city, cross the old alleyways and enjoy historical monuments, old forts, art, culture, history and architecture .


Climbing as many sports is a magnet to attract visitors in this case climbers, looking for new challenges. We believe that we can be a sustainable business that would increase the nontraditional visitors and generate economic benefits for the island. Curacao has the perfect combination of Climb, Beach, Fun, and Sun, which captivate anyone who visits it.
Create climbing tours, provide guiding and other services, as well as food and transportation to places for practicing climbing in Curacao.
and best of all, climbing.
Each guide has years of experience both as a climber and a guide to ensure that you have a fun, memorable experience.

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