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Cultural Attractions

What you can do if you are not diving!

Serena’s Art Factory

Curacao is mostly famous for its clear blue water, the colorful buildings of Willemstad, and the island’s tasty liqueur. Besides there is an iconic figure, called Chichi which is also Curacao’s speciality.
“Chichi” is the word for “big sister” in Papiamentu — the local creole language spoken in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao — and the Chichi figure represents the loving, caring and responsible oldest sister who brings the family together. The sculptures are characterized by bright colors, creative designs and a body type that Serena describes as “round, but not unhealthy.” Since 2008, the trademarked figure has become an icon for the female role model in Caribbean culture.
Instead of merely buying a Chichi, visitors to Curacao also have the chance to paint their own and enjoy an afternoon outdoors at Serena’s Art Factory. After meeting Serena and learning about the history of the Chichi sculpture, we sat down at her workshop with our own blank Chichis and a wide palette of bright colors to choose from. 


Blue Curacao is one of the most famous liqueurs in the world. A visit to the Curacao Liqueur Distillery at Landhuis Chobolobo is a journey through the history of Curacao. You can experience and learn more about the distillation process of the world-famous Blue Curacao Liqueur and enjoy the taste such as it has been produced since 1896. Take a tour of this distillery, home of the Blue Curacao Liqueur. Sample the different types and colors of the liqueur.


Located in the Western part of Otrobanda, the Curacao Museum is housed in a colonial style building and conveys an air of authenticity at the very first glance. In this spacious museum the geological history of Curacao is displayed, as well as pre-Colombian Indian artifacts; maps and charts of America and the Caribbean region; professions the afro-Curaçaoan practiced after the abolition of slavery, their beliefs and mode of living, a traditional plantation kitchen; antique mahogany furniture (18th and 19th century) and paintings by local and international artist. Unique in the Caribbean region is the carillon with 47 bells. The Snipgallery houses the cockpit of the "Snip", the first KLM plane to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 1934. The large shaded grounds are a pleasant place to stroll. Occasionally the museum grounds are the venue for musical concerts.

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